Sunday, September 04, 2016

Out of Adversity, comes Creativity...

There are times, when I'm feeling at my worst, I deal, by being creative. This week, hell, the past two weeks have been straight up BS! I've been lied to, insulted, assailed with disparaging attacks on my personal character. Made to feel that I was no better than a low life that crawled out from under a rock.
I had to do something to get my mind off of this. So I turned to the one thing that always helps me free my thoughts, and my soul...My Creativity. My Woodworking.

I finished my latest project....the Desk for my wife.

It's a simple little, open design, 48 inches long, by 27 and 1/4 inches wide by 31 inches high.  I bought two glass risers for the back, so that she can put the monitor, that you see in the photo, on one, and her printer on the other. The table space is wide enough for both her work and personal laptops to fit side by side, and when she's not working, she can have enough space to do whatever crafts, or projects she chooses to do.

The Side and back rails are fitted in with oak pins, the desk itself is made from solid pine and stained in espresso polligloss to give it a deep rich tone. There is enough space underneath, so that if she wishes, she can put a small file cabinet and still have room to sit comfortably.
She's going to make a desk pad for it out of felt, and the design of the table top is such that it allows for airflow to cool everything.

This is, by far the biggest project that I have undertaken, since building my own platform bed, and that was a project, let me tell you. I did not come out of that unscathed. I twisted a ligament in my forearm...yeah, that hurt, but that's another story for another day.
For now, this is done, and it made me feel a sense of accomplishment that I needed this week.
To quote James Brown, "I feel good!" lol!


Friday, September 02, 2016


Until today, I used to think I knew what that word meant. I used it guardedly. I had acquaintences, associates, but in my adult life, very few true friends. I've always done my best to be true to whatever friendships I have made, and to not betray the trust that have been made or given. Betrayal of trust is a big thing to me, friendship is a big thing to me. It always has been. So when someone betrays my trust, it not only hurts, it angers me. What gives them the right to do so? How can someone be so callous, as to take what you have given them, and throw it away like so much trash?  It used to be, you made friendships that lasted a lifetime. People you knew since childhood, your teenage years, and into adulthood, then on... You had associates you met at work, that turned out to be pretty damned good friends, and some that were just that, work friends. Some you could trust as brothers and sisters, and some, well, some were just associate. Nonetheless, The word "Friend" has a special meaning in any language. Amigo, bro, amiga, buddy, pal, ally, collegue, comrade, tovarishch, 'ami, mate, any way you slice it, it means trust. Or so I thought. How naive. But then I've always been a child at heart. Trusting in the true nature of people. Never truly believing that cynisism inside, that I had to guard my heart. That no one could ever truly be trusted. No matter how good they seem to be. Betrayal, ain't it a bitch. Just when you think you have everything figured out, life tosses another lemon your way. Maybe my mother was right all along, you never can trust anyone but yourself, and friends will always let you down. I never wanted to believe that, but tonight, mom, your words rang truer than a church bell on Sunday morning. And my heart is breaking because of it...and I have to spend the rest of my days looking over my shoulder. Damn...
Peace out... 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


When some clown is packing 650 Critically endangered Pangolin's in his freezers...Then it's SLAUGHTER!

"Indonesian authorities have seized more than 650 dead pangolin's hidden in freezers and arrested a man."

That was taken from the BBC news headline about a man who was arrested with the frozen carcases of 650 pangolin's. 650! WHO DOES THAT!?! This animal is on the critically endangered list, and this clown goes out and drops their number by 650! WTF! 
This is an animal that has no teeth, its an ANTEATER! This animal is so shy, they get ulcers when stressed out by being with another pangolin for too long.
OK,  I understand in some countries, ya can't just go out to Mickey D's and grab a happy meal, but DAMN, People, this animal doesn't eat people, it doesn't attack children, its a freaking anteater! You want to be healthy, be a freaking vegan and leave the damn endangered species alone!
There are people out there experimenting with Bear, Tiger, Lion, Elephant, Dolphin, Komodo Dragon, anything they got the money to buy...You want to spend your well unearned inheritance, buy a kale farm.
And leave these guys alone....
Oh, by the way, the guy that had those 650 carcases, he said they weren't his, he was holding them for a friend...RIGHT...
Nuff said. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Five Movies you should give a shot....

Hey, so I normally don't recommend movies, as my taste usually runs a little different than the mainstream, ok, lets face it, it's a lot different, but I've come across five movies that I believe anyone who calls themselves a fan of the cinema, should give a shot...Ok, so lets go...

First up...
Now, if you haven't seen this gem out of Iran, friends, you are in for a treat. This interesting take on the vampire mythos, stars a doe eyed beauty named Ana Lily Amirpour, as the afore mentioned nightstalker, who comes across the one thing she never expected while looking for victims to extend her It's a darkly, creepy little gem that should be watched with the subtitles, but if you have an aversion to reading, get the dvd and dub it in English. Me, I'm a bit of a purest, and don't mind watching films in their native tongue. Again, the mood is dark, dire and utterly depressing, but there is a bright spot in all of it, and saying more would ruin it...Watch it and see...It will be one to add to your favorites.

Number two, is an interesting little piece I caught on Netflix called

What happens when your job is photographing the worst that humanity leaves behind? Does it give you a craving for justice? Do you act on that, or do you just leave that in your imagination, and go on with your life? And what happens when your imagination gets to be too much? All of these come into play in Crave. A movie about a Aiden, who lets his imagination go a bit too far, while pursing his neighbor, Virginia. It's a movie about a man who wants justice in world where he sees none.  Where fantasy and reality start to blur, and come to a dangerous head. Its darkly comedic, and also sad and poinient at times, but it never loses sight of the main storyline, and that is Aiden's quest for Virginia, and justice. However lopsided it is. It's a pretty good movie, A bit slow in getting to the point, but still very good. 

Number Three is one I've seen on Netflix and suggested a few times 
  I Saw The a movie from South Korea, and I will say this, anyone who says there is no such thing as good cinema in South Korea, has never watched a movie from there. This is a thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat from the beginning to the very end. This movie is Amazing! Choi Min-sik is phenominal as the reprehensible serial killer that takes the wrong victim, when he chooses Lee Byung-hun's fiance. This is a tale of vengence gone totally off the charts. Just a note, it's very graphic, gory, and violent, but the violence is done in a way to tell the story and not just for violence sake. Watch it...but not alone. 

Number Four, has a bit of everything...
Bone Tomahawk...Is it a western? Is it a horror story? Is it a search drama? Or All of the above? YES! IT'S ALL And much more! It is a slow churning, western era, horror story search epic taking place at the turn of the century. Kurt Russell and Patrick Wilson give awesome performances as two members of a search party facing the unexplainable and deadly in the old west. Its Gory, its slow paced but it all goes together oh so well...Check it out, but again, be warned, its not for the squemish.

Number 5 is one of my all time favorites on Netflix...
What can I say, the movie hits every mark. Its action, drama, a bit of dark comedy, and one of the best knife fight scenes I've ever seen in a movie! and I've seen a lot! This movie doesn't stop. As does the protagonist, Won Bin, he is awesome as the pawn dealer with a heart, and a secret past, who pulls out all the stops to save his little neighbor from human traffickers,  and the little girl is a treasure. There is one scene, if it doesn't bring a tear to your eye, you have no soul! Yes, it's that good. The Man from nowhere, On Netflix, check it out...yes, i'm still looking for the dvd...

There you have it...Five movies you should be watching...check em out, and let me know what you think? I welcome your opinions...
Like always, have a great day and be nice to each other...Peace.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

If it's August, it must be Rio, and that means......

That's right folks, it Olympic fever time! I don't know about you, but I do enjoy me some Olympic games. Whether its Soccer, Boxing, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Gymnastics, Track & Field, it doesn't matter, I enjoy watching the competition, and this years games have been all about competition, controversy and excitement!
History has been made in the first week of the games, what with Michael Phelps doing what he does best, and Katie Ladecky sweeping the competition away...they might as well write "SEE YA!" on the bottom of their feet for all the others to read as they see them swim away...I'm loving it. (Yeah I stole your tag line Mickey D's, boo hoo..).
That wasn't what I found most impressive, as I said, history was made this week, by this young lady,
Simone Manual, when she became the first African American woman to win a gold medal in swimming

OK, she tied for first with the Canadian swimmer, but that's not the point. the point is SHE WON A FUCKING GOLD MEDAL!! Damn right! and she made her country proud. She's awesome! And she's living breathing history! That's right boys and girls, she will forever be in the annals of time. And no one can take that away from you, Ms. Manual...And she's from TEXAS! I have a few friends from Texas, and I'm sure they love that point. 

Also on the historic front, there was another first this week...Fiji, you know that little island nation that everyone who has the bucks, goes to, to for a honeymoon? Well, they decided to get out there on the rugby field and do something they've never done. Win a gold medal! 
I mean damn, whoda thunk it? they ran with the big boys and said "Kiss my ass!" we ain't no backwards island boys...We're a nation, dammit and we're here to win! and win they did. They knocked off the British lion, to take the gold. I'm telling you, this has been a most unexpected week of first. I've seen the Argentinian men's soccer team, get blasted out of medal contention. A once, 8 year old boy, grow up and take the gold away from the man he idolized as child, and these ladies, whom I have the most respect for, the U.S. Women's Soccer team, get knocked out of medal contention, via penalty kicks, no less!
I really sad about that, but this is the Olympics and anything can and does happen. So for the ladies of the US team, competition in Rio is over...There's still the World Cup...and they are the defending champs. Looking forward to watching that.

Now, there's still a week of more games to watch, more Boxing, wrestling, Track & Field, and all the other sports. There will be winners and loser, records broken, and new ones set. And in all this lets do one thing, competitors, if we can. STAY OFF TWITTER! I know you were upset about losing Ms.Solo, but calling the opposing team cowards for winning, well, that was just sour grapes...This is the Olympics, there is a winner and a loser in every sport. They don't give medals for just showing up. You ladies gave it your all, you kicked some major ass, but it was not meant to be this time around. Take the loss, and go enjoy the rest of the games. Like I said, you have the world cup coming soon...and you know everyone will be gunning for you then.
Enjoy the rest of the games...if you're watching...I am.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Hey, I was getting bored, and what does an insomniac do when he's bored and the info-mercials aren't hitting the spot?


Well, at least that's what I did....check it out..I'll be back in a few to tell you about the rain that came and the branch that fell...(AGAIN!)...


Tuesday, August 09, 2016

No Really, those red lights are my Tail lights, you moron!

You know, as I was driving home tonight, I couldn't help but wonder, is that ass behind me getting a bit too close? Then I was pretty damn sure when I couldn't see his headlights any longer but got a real good look at his dumb face in my rear view mirror!  It's bad enough, during the day, when you have to deal with the jackasses playing Pokemon go, while driving, texting, cutting their damn toenails, whatever the hell they're doing that takes their attention away from controlling a two ton vehicle, but then we come to the evening and I not only have a bunch of Fast and Furiest wannabes, driving in and out of traffic like its damn speedway. REALLY?! It's a freeway you morons!

OK, so back to this evening. I'm driving home, and would like to make it home without an incident, but the clown behind me is intent on riding so far up my tailpipe, he wants to see how much gas is in my tank!  At this point, I would normally brake check anyone who doesn't have brains enough to know they're too damn close, but this clown is too damn close, and hitting my brakes, even just a touch, would cause an accident that I don't want or need.  So I did what any responsible person my age would do...I slowed my ass down. Which seemed to have pissed my piggy backer off even more.
So much so, he finally got the idea, and went around. In doing so, he almost hit a truck, and flipped me the bird as he sped off on his merry way. Was I pissed? Of course I was. Anyone who knows me, knows I speed up and did my best to catch his ass, see if I could get him to pull over and discuss his stupid actions in a "gentlemanly" type fashion...yeah, you know beat his ass with a stick...but I got cut off by another dumb ass, and he got away...

I mean, quite honestly I enjoy driving. whether it be on the freeway, the street, off road, whatever, I like it. It relaxes me, well for the most part. When you through in dipsticks that have no regard for other people that are sharing that same road, highway, street, whatever, well then, it really pisses me off! I mean, damn, my wife is driving on that freeway! My friends and co-workers are driving on that damn thing, and they have to put up with these ass wipes that don't care. I don't know what it's like in your state, but here in Arizona, its getting pretty damn scary. Case in point ; I had a co-worker, who told me about his girlfriends driving test. The instructor took her out, told her to make a left...go a ways, make another left...go a ways, make another left...go down  and make another left...back into the parking lot of the MVD. After which he had her park and told her she this day, my friend is still terrified to be in the same car with her. I DON'T BLAME HIM! He says she can't make a proper right hand turn to save her soul! Her driving test was basically to see if she was able to make a square! A FREAKING SQUARE!!!
If that is the criteria to get a license in this state, then it explains a whole hell of a lot. I have a co-worker who sold his scooter because he was tired of almost getting rammed every time he was out on the road. Honestly, I don't see how there aren't more Motorcycle accidents, the way people drive today. I've seen people crossing in the crosswalk almost get hit just before they get to the curb. 
Seriously, whether its not paying attention, or just not giving a fuck, people here in Arizona have to wake up. We have to remember, we're not invincible when you sit behind the wheel of that car. Airbags don't always save yours ass. Just ask the guy that went up behind the Semi last weekend on the 101...oh wait you can't, he's dead. 
My point is people, in all this ranting, and yes I do have one, is slow the fuck down. We all have somewhere to be, and we have the means and opportunity to get there, So lets get there in one piece. Safely. Unless you don't mind spending the remainder of your life sipping your food through a straw, or taking a dump out the side of your stomach with permanent fanny pack as your constant companion...
Get my meaning?